What will 2010 bring? New goodies!

I decided to take part of my hard-earned Christmas bonus from work and do a little shopping, trail runner/triathlete style. I've had a few things on my wish list for a while and with NOLA coming up and temps going down it was the perfect time to do a little shopping.

I picked up a Japanese Juniper bonsai, which is completely unrelated. I killed my last one in about 8 months and hadn't replaced it. I will not kill my bonsai. I will not kill my bonsai. I will not kill my bonsai. Back to the point.

I made several phone calls to find out if anyone in town had the Garmin 310XT (with HR monitor) in stock. There are only 2 stores that carry it, the Trek Bicycle Store, and Gary Gribbles. I found one at GG in Independence and had it transferred to the store in KC. Sweet! I have been drooling over these for months now and just never bought one. I borrowed MO's for Heartland, so I've already had the chance to play around with it. I'm really excited to be able to do mile intervals on my own and have better numbers as far as actual mileage instead of guesstimating based on pace. I am horrible at estimating my pace. I already put my information in and linked up the HR monitor. This afternoon I'm doing my first run outside with it.

I also bought a second running hat since mine seems to be dirty most of the time and regular stocking hats make my head itch. In pink, no less. How girly of me.

My last purchase wasn't planned. I'm even a little ashamed to admit that I bought it. I just don't know what came over me. I was minding my own business, perusing the sale rack in the running store, when BAM! It jumped into my hands and said "Take me home Sam!" I had no choice.

I swore, I swore I would never, EVER run in a running skirt. And what did I buy today - a running skirt. A very cute, very short running skirt. Before you even ask, no, it is not pink. But it does have a zipper pocket that is big enough for my car key and 1 or 2 GU. I'm going to blame the incredibly cold weather and clearance rack sales on this purchase. Why else would I daydream about running around in a short skirt?? Too bad it will be months before I can wear it.

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