I feel a little like a Samsicle after finishing a 10 mile run in 12 degree and windy weather. My hands and face were quite cold, but it was actually a very enjoyable run. I screwed my shoes before I left and put my gaiters on. I'm glad I did both! It was crunchy snow on top of ice and I'm sure I would have fallen on my keister if I hadn't screwed my shoes. Gaiters are great to keep snow from getting in your shoes.

I love running in the winter. It's so quiet and peaceful. I saw a handful of people out with their dogs, but other than that, I had the entire trail to myself. It was slow going, but on New Year's Day, I think 10 slow miles is pretty darn good!
I recently bought some Smart Wool socks, and I absolutely love them. They are the perfect winter running socks. I wore them on Thursday when the trails were wet and sloppy. Even when wet, my feet were warm. They didn't get soggy like cotton socks either. I wore them again today and my feet were completely fine. And no blisters to boot. I may have to pick up a few more pair for the winter running season. The boot dryer we bought at Thanksgiving has come in handy, too. All this snow is making me feel like I'm back in WI.

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