Rough Weekend

My weekend went from good to bad to worse to pretty OK and back to good. Nall, a friend from college, came to town Friday night, so I didn't get to bed until 12:30 but I managed to get up and meet some of the Trail Nerds for a 7:30 run.

We ran for about 90 min, and for the most part, it was great. We started at the Midland trail head and I've never run those trails before. But then about 20 min into the run, I started having intestinal distress. Not good, especially since we were in the middle of nowhere and this was the first time I was running with these particular Nerds.

We made it into Shawnee Mission Park and thankfully, there was an open porta-potty. The rest of the run was uneventful, but the ride home was uncomfortable to say the least. The "intestinal distress" was back and I barely made it into the bathroom in time. Geesh.

To sum up Saturday, I spent most of the day sleeping or in the bathroom. I managed to rally for the Boulevard brewery tour, but two 5 oz samplers later, I was begging John to take me home. We ordered Oklahoma Joe's BBQ for dinner and even that didn't look good. That's when you know you're sick. Oklahoma Joe's is the most wonderful BBQ in all of Kansas City and that's no small feat.

While the guys went out Saturday night, I went to bed. I felt bad going to bed, but I really felt awful. But when I woke up on Sunday, I felt fine. We went out for breakfast - no problems. I even put in a 6 mile run through the neighborhood and was fine. I think I caught a 24-hour stomach bug.

Tonight I'm heading to the airport for 2 laps. It's supposed to be in the 50s today so I want to take advantage of the weather. I hear there's a chance of snow this week, so if I'm lucky I'll be screwing my shoes and running in the snow by the end of the week!

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