Bite the Bullet

I finally signed up for Boise 70.3 and made it official. I need to look at other races and register since a lot of entry fees go up Dec. 31. On the application, they asked a lot of mandatory questions you had to answer, which seemed like a complete waste, like local newspaper and TV. Here are some of the other mandatory questions and how I responded.

  • Other athletic accomplishments and athletic background: -Concrete canoe paddler (I thought about putting in 3-time conference champ in the slalom/distance race, but I didn't want to brag.)
  • Significant Personal Achievements: -swam with alligators
  • Please share significant information relating to your Ironman 70.3 Boise training and participation: -a beer every Thursday night, ice cream on Sunday
  • Interesting facts about you: -I hate spiders

Is this necessary? I know they read interesting facts sometimes as you cross the finish line. But I always seem to be in a group and they never even get to my name.

Anyway, it's 27 weeks to the race, which gives me 12 for base building, 14 for skills, and 1 for taper. My main goal is to have a better base overall and figure out how to avoid stomach issues on the run.

Speaking of base building, we ran at WyCo last night and it was cold! I had some seriously fresh lungs when we were done. Obviously I need to run in temps below 20 degrees more often. I wish we had snow though, I don't mind the cold temps as much. I'm hoping for a quick 4 miler tonight, before Nall comes in to visit, and about 10 miles tomorrow with some of the other Trail Nerds. Consistency is hard this time of year, but the only way to base build. And a guilt-free way to enjoy a Christmas cookie or two. :)


Patricio said...

How exciting.. Boise! Congrats! It suppose to be a really cool one. You're gonna rule it!

Samantha said...

Aren't those ?'s funny!

Craziness...Lets rock Boise!