It wasn't all that long ago that running 4 miles was my long run.  Back then, I was a size 12 (but ironically only weighed 150lb) and if I ran too much, I had nagging knee problems.  I didn't bike or swim, just the occasional run and lifting. I was told my bad knee was the result of poor genetics - my grandmother has had both her knees replaced and my mom had her first knee surgery at 30.

I started doing triathlons, lost a few pounds, dropped down to a size 6, and magically, my knee problems vanished.  Biking (along with weight/body composition) is the key to keep my knees happy and healthy.  I'm sure my improved diet also helps.  The point is, genetics had less to do with my bad knee than my excess weight.

Then I had a baby.

I stopped riding and spinning maybe 5 months in.  I put on weight.  I stopped running at 32 weeks.  I put on more weight.  I had a baby and ceased all physical activity for 6 weeks.  To be fair, of the 35 lb I gained, I had lost close to 30 lb of that within 2 weeks of giving birth but my body composition is nothing close to what it used to be.

Even so, when I started running again, I was surprised that my knee hurt.  Kept hurting.  I capped all my runs at 3 miles and I've started spinning in the garage, doing yoga at home and lifting weights.  But it hadn't gotten much better.  The cold temps don't help but I really thought after a week or two of spinning that it would go away.  I guess I need to start spinning more often.  Hopefully the knee will be back to normal soon.  One of these days, I need to start training for my upcoming races.  Even if not for speed, I'd like to be able to cover the distances and NOT feel like I was run over by a bus.

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