Goals and a reality check

2013 has arrived with little fanfare around here.  With a 7 week old in the house, there was no reason to stay up until midnight since I knew I'd be up shortly after to feed the baby anyway.

This probably sounds stupid, but I'm realizing how much more complicated having a little one makes life.  Even if Dad is watching him for the day, I have to feed him and pump another bottle before I leave.  Or like yesterday, I worked a few hours then went to the gym and had to pump in the locker room before working out.  There is a distinct possibility that I will have to pump in T2 for the Kansas 70.3 before starting the run.  Won't that be interesting.

Besides that, scheduling things in general is tough.  John and I both need some "me" time for our general well-being and sanity and we also need some couple time, too.  Right now both are hard to come by.

Then there is the fact that it's hard to put in a good workout, or any workout, after a rough night.  Last night I was up 3 times and never got more than 2.5 hours of sleep at a time.  And Winston had a rough day today.  So I didn't work out, I didn't eat lunch until 4:30 pm and my biggest accomplishment was not feeding the baby to hungry crocodiles.  Trust me, I thought about it.

I guess the whole point is that I probably need to dial my expectations back.  Maybe fitting back into all of my pre-pregnancy pants by June will have to be enough.

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