Kid Toys = Cat Toys

Week 39
Still no baby.  But hopefully soon.  Mama's tired of carrying around a bowling ball.  Other than being tired, sore, and crabby, there's not a whole lot going on.  So here's some random pictures.
A few weeks ago, my friends threw me a surprise baby shower, which was completely unnecessary.  But awesome.  I don't have any pictures from the party but here's a picture of a monkey riding a diaper motorbike.  The monkey has been a big hit with the cats.

We finally got the crib set up and the baby's room situated.  So far, all of the kid furniture have been a bighit with the cats.  Portland has climbed in the bouncy chair multiple times and even plays with the dangly toys.  Both cats have been playing in the crib.  It's like an oversized laundry basket to play in.  Recognize the monkey?  Nera was dragging it around by a leg.
If it's new, it must be a cat toy.
Here's a picture of the new rocker.  It fits well with the baby room.  I really like hanging out in the munchkin's room.

And last, Portland even had to try out the changing table.  I was at work when this picture was taken, but I was told that he climbed up and under the strap himself. 

I dare you to try to diaper this one.
So we're still playing the waiting game.  Hopefully the next time I post, I have pictures of the newest member of the K family!

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Christi said...

Today my baby turns 21! You are in for a lot of excitement. Enjoy each precious moment!