Needed Distractions

Week 14

After the last few weeks, I really was looking for happy-baby things to stop worrying about all the stupid screening stuff.  So that weekend I ran the Running with the Cows half marathon as planned.  Then I took to the kitchen to bake, which is always fun for me.  I made baby-themed cookies to officially tell the neighbors (even though they already knew) and a second batch to take in to the office to tell my co-workers.

And in my new found mommy-bliss, I also decided I was going to make a crib blanket.  I still can't explain why.  I've never made a quilt.  Before Christmas, I didn't own or have any experience with a sewing machine.  In fact, the only thing that I had sewn thus far was some seriously ugly curtains that were a gag gift for my neighbor.  But baby quilt seemed like a good idea, so baby quilt it is.

Since we didn't know if Peanut was a boy or girl yet, I picked penguins.  Again, I have no real reason for any of this other than it had nothing to do with screenings or risk factors.  I found a baby penguin cartoon I liked and sketched out a pattern.  Here's the cartoon that I used.
My plan is to have 11 black and white penguins and 1 orange and white penguin.  Since I don't have any quilting experience and I've never been one to do things the easy way, I decided not only would I make a quilt, but I'd applique the penguins!  Distraction I wanted, and distraction I created.

The main reason I want to make a blanket is that I had a blanket my grandmother made me that I just loved as a kid.  It was light green with a panda on the front and was flannel on the back.  It was a perfect blanket for watching movies or taking naps on the couch.  I remember how much I loved that blanket and I want my Peanut to have something like that.  And if it turns out terrible, then we'll just say it was an exercise in "See how much mommy loves you!"

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Lauren Kavanaugh said...

I love following your blog Sam! Hope all os well!