Running Shoes or Ruby Slippers?

I'd like to show off my newest gear, Zoot Ultra Race 2.0.  I've had them for a few weeks and did several track sessions and tempo runs in them.  The longest I've done in them is 9 miles but I plan on wearing them for Austin.

They only weigh about 7 ounces.  They're triathlon running shoes, so they have a sock liner and are meant to be worn sockless.  They have a quick-lace system and drain holes in the soles.  The also have a hole in the tongue and heel so you can pull them on easily.  In the sole, there is an arch-shaped carbon fiber piece.  (I'm not quite sure of the benefit other than it forces you onto the front of your foot.)

These are a minimalist shoe, like all my other running shoes right now.  They're even lighter and lower profile than the Kinvaras, which is saying a lot.  I love the sockliner and have had no issues with blisters or hot spots. 

It seems like the soles are a little more durable than the Kinvaras as well.  I feel like I chew through my Kinvaras quickly since the lightweight sole can't handle a lot of miles.  The Zoots so far still look brand-new.

I was pretty surprised with the lace-lock system.  I've had bad luck with lace-locks either coming loose during a run or being too tight right across my ankle in order to keep the shoe tight enough the rest of my foot doesn't slide around.  The lace-locks stay in place and when tightened, there isn't a tight spot at the top.  They also have fairly small ends so they don't flop around when I run.  I put lace-locks on my Kinvaras and I hate how much the plastic piece on the end flops around and hit my foot with each step.

So what's the downside you ask?  Well, price for one.  I found these online for half price.  Full price they're $140, which is more than I'm willing to pay for a pair of shoes that will last less than a year.  The other downside is availability.  There's no local stores that I know of that carry Zoot shoes, so I ordered mine online and hoped they fit.  Luckily, they fit my foot perfectly.  But to be honest, I love these shoes so much, I might switch to these for my regular running shoes, not just speed work.

The biggest advantage might not even be a real one.  They are so  freaking light, and I didn't start using them until I was well into my training, so all my runs have been great.  The mental effect of me putting these shoes on is a lot like Dorothy putting on the Ruby Slippers.  Except when I put my shoes on, "home" is 7:50 min/mi tempo pace or 6:20 min/mi interval pace.  There is no place like home.

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Christi said...

What freakin' awesome shoes. I wish I could wear these but I am a weird pronator. Boo!

I hope the Austin training is going well.