It's been a long time

It's been a long time, since.... I've signed up for a race, had a set training plan, updated my blog. The last week has been crazy. Friday night was the Mumford & Sons/Cake show. One word: Awesome! Then Saturday night was our 2nd Annual Tiki party. I took off the last week from working out to do party prep stuff. Don't worry, in that week, I moved and placed over 400lb of rock, hauled 100lb of ice, dug, planted, edged, pulled weeds, swept, cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, baked, cooked, and generally sweated my ass off getting ready to have 50 of our closest friends over. It was a great night.

And since I can't seem to train without a goal, I just signed up for a long-distance triathlon. Its not quite an Olympic distance, but close. I renewed my summer pool pass at lunch and ran 6.5 miles in the 95 degree heat tonight. I'm going to look for another race in August, hopefully about an Olympic distance as well. It's a start.

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Christi said...

Great to see ya back! Looks like a great party. Good luck with your training!