Next Adventure: Wakarusa Off Road Challenge

I think I have finally managed to find some motivation in the form of a new race. I just signed up for the Wakarusa Off Road Challenge for September. It's put on by the same people who organized the two Adventure Races I did last year.

This race is somewhere in between a triathlon and an adventure race. There is trail running, mountain biking, and paddling. While there are two-person categories, I decided to sign up for it solo. If I'm in good shape for the race, I have a good chance at placing well. If I'm not in good shape, I don't want to worry about dragging down a teammate.

There are a few minor logistical items I need to figure out between now and September. 1) I need to buy a mountain bike. 2) I need to rent and practice kayaking. Minor details, right? At least that means I will have a lot of new posts related to buying and inevitably crashing a mountain bike, and possibly dumping a kayak. With my new running training plan, I can easily add a few days of biking and paddling, mainly on the weekend.

I haven't downloaded any of the course maps yet, but the race is 2.2 mi running/17.2 mi biking/ 4.2 mi paddling/ 4.2 mi running. The trails where it's at are rolling and fairly smooth, and pretty much protected by trees. So other than the paddling, it should be shaded and low wind. This should be a ton of fun and is just what I need to stay motivated!

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Christi said...

That sounds like a great race!