Waiting to Exhale

Well, my test is finally here. Am I ready? Good question. Some days I feel prepared, somedays I feel woefully inadequate. Do I want to study anymore? Hell no. At least I can finally see past this test and I have a few things this summer to look forward to. Still no race on my horizon, but part of that is the thought that if I don't pass both tests, I will be spending late summer studying again. That makes it hard to commit to any long-distance race. But I'm out of shape and my pants are tight, so I can definitely commit to working out regularly again. I leave tomorrow for Lincoln. I'm going to take my running shoes and hopefully at least put a few miles on the treadmill between tests. Any positive thoughts you can send my way on Friday and Saturday would be much appreciated.


laurie said...

Deep breaths. You're gonna rock it! You've studied your butt off.

Christi said...

I am sending a b$#5-load of postive vibes your way!

Kelly said...

I am the luckiest gal you've ever met and I am sending ALL of my good luck and positive thoughts your way, so the test will be EASY! GO SAM!!