For Better or Worse, It's Over

Well, the test is over. Before you ask, the results won't be sent out for 8-12 weeks, possibly 14. So I'm doing my best to try to forget about it. How did it go? How can a 16-hour structural engineering test go? I don't really know to be honest. I'm optimistic about day 1, not about day 2. One thing for sure, my back, neck and back side hurt like crazy from 16 hours in a metal folding chair. But I'm am so lucky to have the support that I have had. It's a little tough, since there are that many people to tell if I fail. Oh well, that isn't what's important. It really meant a lot to me to have that many people wishing me well, sending texts, calling, FB messages, etc. Here's a card that Kelly gave me before the test. Awesome. Shelley, AKA Granola Goddess, gave me a pound of You're Bacon me Crazy and Blueberry/Sesame granola to take with. Another friend dropped of a package of passing potion for after the test. He was adamant that the first thing I do when I walked through the door was take a drink. He swore that everyone he knew that passed the PE (professional engineer) exam drank the potion. Everyone who did not pass, did not drink the potion. Who am I to argue? In fact, since I took two tests, I took two drinks.
John was travelling, so he was not there when I got home. But he left all of my favorite things - a card, chocolates from Stam, flowers, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Bombay Sapphire gin and 1800 tequila. I did not open the 1800, but gin and tonic was my drink of the night.

And the next day, I slept in, walked to the grocery store, and cooked myself breakfast. All things that I have not done since I've been studying. Yes, that is biscuits and gravy. I deserve it, damn it all.

Since Sunday, I'm now officially whipping my body back into shape. John and I rode 10 miles on Monday after I spent the majority of the day working on the landscaping. Tonight, I did 17. It feels so good to be without pressure. Sunshine, free time, and fresh spring air has me in a better mood than I have been in months.


Kelly said...

I love the passing potion! Too funny! Glad you're done, time to relax for a bit!! Get ready for some lake time this summer cause it's been two years and you're coming dammit!

Christi said...

I love the card and the passing potion. That is just too smart! Good luck!

laurie said...

You have a lot of awesome friends. Have fun doing whatever the f you want!

pigtailultrarunner said...

YAY Sam!! So glad it's over and SO glad you're able to enjoy life again... hope this means we will see you on the trails! XO