Required Gear List

If you're familiar with Adventure Racing, you know of the Required Gear List, a list of mandatory and suggested items that vary depending on the time of year, length of race, and types of activities in the race. There is usually a list of prohibited items as well, typically anything related to GPS devices. Here is the list from the 8-hour Adventure Race I did in St. Louis.

  • Synthetic cap/beanie

  • Synthetic long sleeve top

  • Synthetic underwear bottom

  • Water proof pants and jacket

  • Fleece jacket

  • Gloves

  • Pack with hydration system

  • Headlamp

  • Whistle

  • Lighter

  • Emergency blanket

  • Mountain bike

  • Bike helmet

  • Flashing red tail light

  • Spare Tube

  • Waterproof map case

  • UTM scale

  • Compass

  • Iodine tablets

  • Cell phone in waterproof container

  • First aid kit

  • Bike multi-purpose tool

  • Tube patch kit

  • Tire pump


  • No cotton clothing

  • No GPS unit or GPS phone

Now keep in mind, this list is to keep you safe in case you get lost while out in the middle of the woods in November and need to survive until 1) they notice you haven't returned and 2) they find you.

Similarly, there is a list of required and suggested items for the test I'm taking next week. The test is 16 hours total, indoors, and even has assigned seating. It is open-book (with restrictions). This list is more about preventing cheating and keeping the playing field level versus a life safety issue. Here is the list of mandatory and suggested items. (I'll even ignore the "Vehicle Preparedness" list)

Mandatory List:

  • Letter of admittance

  • Photo ID

  • Required codes (See previous post)

  • Personal references

Suggested List:

  • regular dictionary

  • engineering dictionary

  • plastic milk crates

  • primary calculator

  • spare calculator

  • instruction book for your calculators

  • extra calculator batteries

  • triangles

  • scales

  • protractor

  • compass (different kind than above)

  • straight edge and rulers

  • scissors

  • stapler

  • tape

  • magnifying glass

  • jewelers screwdriver

  • snacks or candies

  • two bottles of water

  • travel pack of tissues

  • headache remedy

  • personal medication

  • $3.00 in miscellaneous change (WTH?)

  • comfortable sweater

  • loose shoes or slippers

  • chair cushion

  • earplugs

  • wrist watch

  • several large trash bags

  • wire coat hanger

  • extra set of car keys on a string around you neck

  • copy of application

  • proof of delivery

  • light lunch

  • beverage in thermos or can

  • sunglasses

  • extra pair of glasses or contacts

  • raincoat, boots, gloves, hat

  • street map of exam area

  • parking permit

  • battery-powered desk lamp

  • cell phone

  • piece of rope (to hang yourself with??)

Restricted items:

  • cell phone

  • radio/tape player (I don't think they update this list much)

  • battery charger

  • extension cords

  • scratch paper

  • note pads

  • pencils

  • erasers

  • hooded sweatshirts

  • hats with a brim

  • desk clock

  • Post It notes

  • loose paper of any kind

If I truly believed this list, I would have a lot I need to buy. Some of this stuff I can see, but some I can't even begin to explain. It also sounds like a freaking arts and crafts fair. I don't know what you are taping, cutting or stapling, but they are pretty restrictive on what you have to hand in and what they will not accept. And you cannot take any piece of loose paper out of the exam roof with you. I hope someone else sees the entertainment value in this. Otherwise I really have been studying too much.

I better leave my Walkman at home, too.


laurie said...

Funny. They didn't put glue stick, small pieces of yarn or glitter on that list. Don't forget your smarties!

pigtailultrarunner said...

That list is something else....seriously it's like the list for 3rd grade they mail you in the summer that you are supposed to bring your first day. What the heck kind of test is this anyway?? And maybe I don't use a calculator enough, but I've NEVER had batteries go out on one..I think the one on my desk I've had for roughly 20 years.

Good luck Sam!! You will be great!!

Shelley Flones said...

There was no BEER on that list, was there? Did I miss it? Well, I'll have one waiting for you when you get back :) You're going to be awesome!!

Kelly said...

Almost done!!! Yay!!! Can you believe it came this quickly...suppose it wasn't as fast for you!