January's a Wrap

As much as I hate January, it was a good month. I finally uploaded more info into the GarminConnect site and my January calendar looks impressive. I totaled 34 workouts, my biggest week being 9 hours. This weeks works out well as a recovery week/mini taper for pacing at Rocky Raccoon this weekend. I had a little random stomach issue on Monday, but hopefully that is clear and Saturday and Sunday will be smooth running.

John is ready for the 50 and JB is ready for the 100. I'm excited - I've never been a part of a 100 mile race and I know a few other runners that will be there. And I haven't had any foot problems (knock on wood) and with my last month of training, I feel confident running from mile 60-80 with JB won't be a problem for me. I'm more worried about having enough stories to keep her distracted.

It's an easy week and I'll be packing tomorrow. The extra sleep and energy from the last few days has been a welcome change. Once we're back, I'm looking forward to hitting it hard again and adding bricks into my usual weekend routine. I'm looking to kick some ass at NOLA!

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Christi said...

I am so excited for you! I hope you have a good time this weekend! And I am certain you will kick but in New Orleans!