Is it spring yet?

Has anyone else thought this has been an unusually crappy winter? Normal, the Wisconsinite in me would be embarrassed to complain about winter in KC, but even my dad said it has been a crappy winter. And if a 60 year old dairy farmer is complaining about the winter, it is worth complaining about.

KM and I have started doing speed work in the mornings again. Today we had to change our workout from 400m intervals to 800 m intervals due to ice on the trail. It is impossible to successfully run 400s at 5:15 in the morning with patchy ice on the trail. With 800s, at least our pace was a little slower.

I've been riding in the garage all winter and even with the heater on, I need two pairs of sock and lightweight tights. I usually start with a hat on and toss it once I've warmed up. My bike has only been on the road once since November.

Luckily swimming isn't affected by the weather since they keep the pool at a toasty 84 degrees. Although, I haven't been to the pool in a while due to travelling and a birthday-related hangover. But the impromptu Grease duet by two of my friends at a dive bar was well worth it.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be sunny and hit 40 degrees. Assuming I can get home at a decent time, I'm going to try to ride outside. At this point, 40s and sunny practically feel like summer. Hmm, that reminds me. I vaguely remember an alcohol-fueled conversation on my birthday about a naked night run sometime in April or May. That is something that I have on my list of things I want to do someday. More on that to come...


Christi said...

Your naked night run sounds a lot crazier than my bikini ski in February. Good luck with that one! And if I haven't said so, Happy Birthday!

Samantha said...

You and John gotta get out here to the west. Already in the 60's.
Mi casa is su casa anytime! :)

We have lots of different ultra races and we have Silverman Tri. Come out Come out. We'd love to see ya again.