What a great way to start the weekend

Last night I went on the usual Thursday night run at Wyco park and it was a drastic change from last week. We had 9 people show up total, 4 were newbies that had never been to Wyco before. The entire 6.5 mile route has been recently weedwacked and it was fairly dry. Add to that the much cooler temps, and it was a fun, fast run.

After the run, 5 of us went over to Ben's place for spaghetti, home brew, and bad TV. It was the perfect start to a 3-day holiday weekend. Although I'll admit, 3 of Ben's beers and I had a headache this morning! But it was well worth it.

The rain this morning was a welcome cancellation of our running plans, but I intend on heading out for a spin around the block tonight, 6 miles at least. I'm hoping to run 1-2 loops tomorrow morning and hopefully get a 20-30 mile ride in on Sunday. It's nice to have a weekend with no visitors and nothing planned.

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