WyCo Xtreme Make Over

Yesterday the Trail Nerds organized a HUGE work day at WyCo to cut new trail around a section of seriously washed out bridle trail. The weather was great and there were probably 40 people there working. Jim Megerson did a fantastic job coordinating the event with the help of Ben and Sophia. The afternoon was capped off with a keg of Fat Tire. I probably had too much. :)

I can't wait to run the new foot-traffic bypass, but it will probably have to wait a few weeks since I'm starting to taper for Boise and will be out of town next weekend. I'm hoping to get a ride in today before I take my bike in to be packaged up and I may take the wetsuit out for a practice run. A nap would be nice, too.

I am nursing some wicked insect bites from yesterday. I have taken some Benadryl, but a bite on my right index finger has now swollen the back of my hand and a bit on my left wrist is working its way toward my elbow and turning red. This could be interesting. I may wander over to my neighbor's house who is a nurse and see what she thinks.

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Samantha said...

OOhh I def. have to get out that way sometimes. Those trails sound great!!

5 days!! :)) YIPPEE I can't wait!