Heat and Humidity

I managed two trail runs since getting back and the humidity is amazing. During yesterday's 10 mile run, I had two "firsts". It was the first time I have ever completely sweated through my clothes. My shorts we soaking and they sounded like a half-filled water balloon sloshing against my legs. Sweat would run down my torso, pause briefly at my waistband, and then continue down my legs. I can see the advantage of running in buns, but then my nettle encounters would be worse than they already are. It was also the first time I properly managed my salt in a hot and humid run like it was, which at least shows I'm learning something.

Psummer Psycho is coming up in a few weeks, so I'm glad we're having this weather so I can acclimate. No time goals for this race. If we have weather like we have been, it may be an 8 hour race. I'm using this race more as a prep race for the Heartland 50 mile race this fall.

Today I finishing putting my bike back together. I was ticked off at the Trek Store before Boise, so I vowed never to return. I decided to take a crack at reassembling my bike after flying. It was actually much easier than the bike store techies would have you believe. I highly recommend becoming your own bike mechanic. With my new-found bike skills, I think I'm going to finally upgrade my rear derailleur this winter. Between the internet and a set of allen wrenches, I don't see myself going back to the LBS any time in the near future. What a relief.

Now, I'm off to relax in the pool. It's been a productive weekend and I'm looking forward to some time relaxing.

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