Shoe Fetish!

Is seven pairs too much? I could make it 10 if I add my cycling shoes and rock climbing shoes. I've been thinking about climbing lately. I need about 6 more hours in a day for that to fit in right now. Anyway, after buying my last two pairs of shoes I realized I had quite the collection. I have more running shoes than dress shoes, which I think means I need more dress shoes.

The black pair are my new Saucony trail shoes, a picture of clean ones are below. So far, I've put two 20 mile runs on them, plus 12-15 additional miles and so far, I really like them. I can't say for sure that they don't give me blister. I had a large blister left over from my last shoes and it's so deep I'm starting to think my right big toe is actually just an over sized blister with nail polish on it right now.

The have a more narrow last than the Mizuno Wave Ascends I was running in, and that seems to really help my overall fit. They're very breathable and they drain quickly after water crossings. Traction and feel are good. They feel much lighter than my last two pair of trail shoes (the Mizunos and Salomon XT Wings) but maybe that's because I've been running through so much water the mud hasn't built up.

I am a supinator, so I always wear neutral shoes and these have been great. There is good support, but not too much. Too much of an arch support and my form gets worse. I would say the toe box is roomy enough for a normal sized foot, but not overly large. If you have a wide foot, you probably wouldn't have enough room.

The sole seems comparable to the Mizunos, which was one thing I was looking for. They also have a metal ring at the front of the laces, which work perfectly for hooking my gaiters to, whether or not that was the intention I don't know.

The sales guy didn't know anything about trail shoes and when I joked that I wished there were some hills I could run up and down on, he told me I could jump up on some boxes. Roadies may think we trail runners are a little off, but I think the roadies are just as weird.

My only "complaint" is that I really like the textured laces a lot of companies have gone to, and these laces are normal. I suppose if my laces becoming loose is an issue, I can always replace the laces.

Overall, these are my favorite trail running shoes so far. I'll be wearing these on Saturday for the Freestate 40 mile race, and other than being under-trained, I'm excited for it.

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Samantha said...

Hee hee...love the shoe farm u have going!! My Newton farm is currently occupying an old wine rack. :)) Whatttttt......it works. hee hee

Good luck this weekend, you'll be brillant..I'll be out at a 50k as well.

See ya in 52 days....YIKES..52 days. GULP!!