Starting Over

October 2007: After I settled in with a new job, I realized I was restless and needed something to do. I had done a sprint distance triathlon in 2006 and thought I should get back into it. I only did one race, but I really enjoyed it. So after cruising the internet at lunch one day, I signed up for an Ironman 70.3.

That's right, I signed up for a 1/2 Ironman with only 1 sprint distance race under my belt. I had plans to do at least 1 more sprint before the big race so I would double my racing experience. This is where the crazy comments started.

Fast forward to June 15, 2008. Ironman Kansas 70.3
The race was going well, much better than I had hoped, actually. Until the thunderheads rolled in and the course was closed early. I was pulled from the course at mile 11 on the run. (For a full race report, go to www.roecircle.blogspot.com)

Today: I've already picked out my next 70.3 race, which I know I can, and will, finish. I have a few smaller races I want to do this year so my season isn't a complete waste. Tomorrow John and I are competing in a team adventure race - the Dirty Duo. After this weekend, I plan on putting together a new training plan for the shorter races and a long-term plan for overall better fitness. In life, I generally believe every experience shapes the person we are. While I'm disappointed I didn't get to finish my first 70.3 I wouldn't change anything and instead I'm looking forward to even more racing in the future.

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