Dirty Duo RR

This picture says it all. We raced in a team adventure race this weekend and had a blast. The format of the race was that one person would run 1 mile while the other would bike. At the mile markers, you had to complete a challenge and then switch. It was 6 miles total with 6 obstacles.
I started on the bike and J started on the run, since those are our corresponding strengths. The timing worked really well - J would show up at the challenge with the bike as I was ready to start the bike leg. The challenges were 1) agility course 2) gunny sack 3) kid's tunnel 4) giant inflatable 5) slip and slide 6) mud pit.
I was the first girl through the first 2 miles and then I got caught on the run. Eventually there were 2 girls that had passed me on the run, but I passed them on the bike. We made it in to the waiting area near the mud pit at the end since you have to crawl through the mud with your partner. We were waiting and waiting and finally I saw J come in! Right as he got in, another girl showed up and we sprinted toward the pit. Luckily the other couple didn't even give chase.
We made it through in 48:24 and won the co-ed division! As prizes, I won a free pair of Salomon trail shoes and J picked up a North Face duffel bag. We were hoping to win the Garmin 305 in the raffle, but alas, it was not to be. We did win free burritos from Chipotle, so it was a very profitable day. We will have to return next year to defend our title!

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