Change will do you good

As if having a baby wasn't enough change for me this last year, I have decided to change jobs.

A lot changed after having Winston, more than I was prepared for. Putting Winston in daycare was tough and I wasn't feeling satisfied at work, which made it even tougher. It took me a long time to make the decision, but ultimately, I decided I need to change in order to grow my career.

Friday I gave my bosses notice. That was one of the hardest conversations I've had to have. I'd be lying to say that I have no second thoughts. I feel like I'm letting my bosses down or something along those lines. It was like I was breaking up with them, which is probably the most appropriate analogy. You don't work in a small firm for 5 years without developing a relationship with the people around you. I wasn't quite prepared for how hard it was going to be.

But I keep reminding myself two things: 1) Change is good and 2) We don't usually regret the things we do, we regret the things we don't do. So I'm stepping into a bit of unknown by taking a new position. It's a step up in responsibility. I've been quoting Office Space all week: "It's a big promotion. You'll have up to four people working directly under you." So not exactly, but I have accepted a position as squad leader, which sounds so much cooler than structural engineer.

I'm nervous as hell. I've never been responsible for others' work and I've never worked on the design side. Then there is new people, office politics, and new standards that come with a large office. It is a little scary but the only way to grow is to get outside your comfort zone.

With that, I'll end with a picture of Winston. This was a month ago now. I can't believe how fast this year has gone.

Winston pictures always brighten my day.


IISAFETY said...

He's so adorable. Glad that you have this baby, he's truly a blessing. Accepting the change, will make everything seems easy. So embrace it in a very positive way. Good luck!

Kronos said...

He is cute. Changes are good. Good luck!