Therapy Run

There is one kind of trail run that I don't think any other physical activity can come close to and that is the Therapy Run. 

I can't do Therapy Swims, I lose count or I space out and don't get my flip turn timed right.  That usually results in a chlorinated sinus flush.  Ouch.  I can't do Therapy Bikes, there is a life-safety issue riding on the roads and a boredom issue spinning inside.  I do have Therapy Climbs, but for a different reason.  My current theory is that climbing engages the non-analytical part of my brain, so my Therapy Climbs are how I can turn off the "engineer button" in my head which can be pretty damn difficult to do sometimes.

Therapy Runs are different.  They usually don't happen on the road, there are too many outside distractions like traffic and people.  The best Therapy Runs are trail runs for several reasons.  
  1. I run slower on the trails and I don't do paces, so I don't have to focus on my speed.  
  2. There are usually very few people and no negative distractions (like cars honking or creepy men yelling "Hey!  Mamasita!!" out their low-rider window) 
  3. Nature is soothing and calming.  Duh.  That's why it's called nature.
I had a great Therapy Run today.  I was in Lawrence for work so I took advantage of the River Trails, which are very smooth and technically easy trails, the perfect type of trails for getting lost in your thoughts and not really having to worry about tripping over rocks.  I saw 3 mountain bikers in my 10 miles and better yet, I saw a Red Headed Woodpecker (looking for a date, I believe). 

I'm a solo-Therapy Run kind of gal, but I know some people prefer the group therapy mentality.  There's nothing wrong with that, but as an introvert I much prefer wading through my thoughts in silence.  It's the best way for me to solve problems, come to terms with reality, or just completely analyze and accept a situation.  Anyway you look at it, it's the cheapest way for me to keep my sanity.  Besides, what therapist would let you splash through mud puddles in their office?


Christi said...

Therapy runs rock! I love getting out there and splashing through puddles. I did that on the bike the other day and it was great. I was a muddy mess but I didn't care!

I am so jealous that you were in Lawrence for work!

Indi said...

Trails are the best!! they are by far the best therapy I have for sure.