I have a confession to make.  This may come as a surprise, but after the last few months and the last week in particular, I feel like I need to get this off my chest.  Please don't judge me.

I don't love to run.

Don't get me wrong, I like running well enough but for me, running is more of an activity that I know I should do as opposed to one that I really want to do.  I've had individual runs that I loved and I always love finishing a run but I don't necessarily love to run for the sake of running.  And I have definitely had runs that I hated, that I suffered through, that made me miserable for hours after they were over.  So I'm pretty convinced that even though I don't love to run, running doesn't really love me anyway.  We more or less tolerate each other.

Since a 5k is the only thing I'm signed up for right now, I'm not really training as intensely as I usually do.  I run when the weather is nice.  I spin at least once a week.  But I'm not obligated to maintain any real training plan since it's only a 5k. 

The upside to my non-training training plan is I have been doing whatever I want.  On Thursday Kelly and I went to Emerald City for Ladies' Night.  Every time I go back to the climbing gym after an extended break, I am reminded how much I love climbing.  And I do love climbing.  I've never had a bad day climbing or finished a climb in a bad mood.  Climbing has never given me the runs.  Running, on the other hand... well I'll spare you the details but I've had more than my share of bad runs, I've had runs that made me want to throw away my running shoes, and if there is one thing that goes along with 20+ mile long runs, it's an afternoon spent in the bathroom.

Then on Friday, I tagged along with Kelly and her beau up to a local skiing hill (mountain is being too generous) and tried my legs at snowboarding for the first time.  I had a blast!  I had more fun between Thursday and Friday than I've had in the  last 3 months.  Sure my butt is a little sore from falling and I may have bruised my palm but snowboarding has also never given me the runs.

It's not like I'm going to stop running.  I do appreciate the stress relief and the time to clear my head.  Sometimes I do just want to run.  I like to run, I just don't love it.


Christi said...

I am in the same boat with running also. I am just running with the mood hits me and at whatever speed I feel like running.

Indi said...

I went through the same things late last year, took a break and that seems to help. If its not fun and not loving it...not really worth it!

Shelley Flones said...

I am proud of you for your confession. I'm sure it wasn't easy to do :) Maybe you should try running naked a few more times to see if that does it? May you say? Ok, I'm in!