You Stink! But I can help.

Don't take it personally, but if you run or ride you probably know your favorite technical shirt stinks.  Even straight out of the wash, well-worn technical fabrics stink.  Or you get 5 min into a ride and realize you reek.  Maybe this only happens to me.  Either way, I have a solution.  Drum roll please!

That's right, OxiClean!  Seriously.  My home-brewer of a brother recommended it, it's what he uses to sanitize his bottles.  I bought a tub and took out the nastiest "white" technical shirt I had to try it out.  This was one of my favorite shirts but it stunk.  It was pitted-out beyond belief.  I was meaning to throw it out, but I just never got around to it.  So I filled a metal bowl with water, put 1/2 scoop in and let it soak over night.

I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but it was unbelievable.  It no longer smelled AND the pit stains were gone.  I soaked all of my offensive shirt and I even soaked all of my white dress shirts and tank tops.  At $6 a tub, this stuff is awesome.  Now, every load of workout clothes and whites gets a full scoop.  For particularly funky workout clothes, we'll let the whole load soak overnight before closing the lid of the washer.

If you still need convincing, I have it on good authority that it also removes red wine stains.  It takes out blood.  Seriously, try it.  But be careful of the spray.  I've heard it can bleach fabrics.

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Christi said...

Very good to know. All my tech shirts are going to soak tonight!