Sock Monkeys!

OK, I know this is a little late, but we've been busy. And I wanted to get pics up while I'm still waiting for more pics of this weekend. I'll post about the AR soon, but at least you now know that I made it out of the woods alive. So you get Sock Monkeys instead.

Here's the gang at the race start. I ran the first 9 miles. Perfect weather, and no pressure. I ran into a friend doing the full, so I ran the majority of my 9 miles with her. Since John and I had a wedding to go to, I missed all of the post-race activities.
Josh's mom graciously made the 4 of us Sock Monkey hats for the race. They're awesome.

We finished in about 3:47, 24/132 teams total, 10/63 co-ed teams. Not too shabby, especially considering most team were 5 people and we only had 4. It was a lot of fun and I'd definitely do a relay again, but this time I'd like to stick around afterwards.
And I want to give a huge shout out to KM, who finally got registered for Boston!! If you were following the news, there was a HUGE SNAFU during registration and it filled up in 8 hours. KM just found out she got in! Who would have thought that qualifying was the easy part and registering was the hard part? Congrats KM!!


Christi said...

I love the pics! Great sock monkey hats!

mizuno said...

Looks like a whole lot fun...Great race. Congrats..