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Here's a quick update for June, since summer seems to be flying by at record speed. Don't you ever wish you could stop time and just enjoy the moment? This month seems to have been the exact opposite.

Tiki party pics from the first weekend in June, very early in the evening. We had 50 people and I am so thankful that after less than 3 years in Kansas City that we have met all of these amazing people who wanted to come and hang out with us. I'm going to pretend the promise of free beer had nothing to do with it.

Note Brett with the ukelele sitting on the grill. He was awesome. What you can't see is that the keg was already gone at this point. I really didn't have the chance to drink much since I was busy talking with people, giving tours, and making sure everyone had all the food and drink they needed.

Ok, maybe I had one (or two or three) margaritas.

The next weekend was Andy's funeral. Then this week we had tickets to Mumford & Sons in KC. I can't really describe it other than it was the best show I've ever been too. Their music breaks my heart in the best possible ways and they're even better live than recorded.

These pictures were taken with my cell phone and my cell phone camera is crappy. So we were REALLY close. I even met 3 of the 4 afterwards and had my picture taken with Ben and Ted. They were absolute sweethearts with dead sexy accents. Mmmm...

Next up, Italia. We leave on Thursday and will be gone until July. See what I mean about June disappearing? I'm taking running clothes and my goggles. I'm hoping to try out some open water swimming in the crystal-blue Mediterranean waters. I'm also hoping that we can rent bicycles at least one day and do some riding. Even if its on beach cruisers, it will be better than nothing. Barefoot run along the coast? It's on my list.

Last, I have my sight on the Redman 70.3 in September. I need to sign up before July, but that will be my next race. As soon as I get back from Italy, it will be back to real training. After the 5 mile race and my narrow 2nd place, I'm looking forward to a structured plan again.

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Christi said...

I hope you have a great time in Italy! That sounds like a blast!