Enough with the Rest!

Ah yes, the week (or two) after a race I like to kick back and take time away from training. Don't worry, it's a fake cigarette and empty martini glass at a charity function. But gin and tonic was involved in the photo shoot.

Enough already. I took one week to rest and then I got sick, so I am ready to get back to training! My only problem is that I don't know what to do next. I have a 5k with Girls on the Run in May and of course there is the Super Secret Naked Night Run (or Operation Jaybird, if you're in the know). But those are little events that don't require training.

I'd like to get up to a 50k trail race by the end of the year and I want to do another 1/2 Ironman this fall, but it's too early to train for that. There are tons of trail races, road races, and shorter triathlons in between now and then, but nothing at the moment has me excited.


OK, so when MO first sent this to me, I thought "No way in hell." But then I looked some more and started thinking about it. And curiosity set in. An adventure race is on my Bucket List, I had just been planning on something a little, well, easier. I don't even know if he is serious about it or just sent it on for shock value.

So check this out and tell me how crazy I really am. It is, after all, just another triathlon. Biking? Check. Running? Check. Canoeing? Believe it or not, I've raced a canoe before, check. But more importantly, it's an unknown. And that makes me excited. There would be the minor detail of getting a canoe for practicing and racing. There would be bugs. Huge, relentless, blood-thirsty bugs the entire way.

One of my favorite quotes is Prefontaine: "Runners often straddle the line between crazy and insane." If I do this, I think it will launch me clear over the line and straight into the Looney Bin. Just one more thing I can check off my list!


laurie said...

Sounds awesome! You're right about the bugs though. Minnesota in July. Yikes.

Christi said...

Damn that looks wicked! You will push yourself over to the crazy side on that one but it would probably be worth it!

UrbanSage said...

That looks like a great four days and I'd jump on it if I was you. What an accomplishment to finish racing across the state.

Danny Miller said...

Uhh, yeah, that adventure race sounds awesome. I'd totally go for it if I were you.