Where's my Body Glide?

This is it.  Tonight we leave for NOLA.  I started packing last night, which was futile at best.  I can never seem to pack unless I'm under the gun.  Don't ask.  At this point, I'm on a see-saw with nervous anticipation on one side and self doubt on the other.  The fact that I've been mildly productive at work is amazing in itself.  Either way, I've lost my appetite.

The good news is the weather looks fantastic!  No thunderstorms in sight!  It will be a little on the warm side, but I'll just have to tell myself the faster I go, the less time I spend in the sun.  The best part is that the wind is supposed to be less than 10 mph.  After all of the windy days I rode in, I feel like I'm cheating if the wind is less than 15 mph. 

My strategy to keep my nerves in check is to focus on the post-race hurricanes and Crawfish Étouffée. I'll finish packing when I get home.  Hopefully I'll be able to find my Body Glide before then.


Brett said...

Good Luck! Have a post race electrolyte replacement beverage for me.

Christi said...

Go knock 'em dead! Have a post-race hurricane for me at Pat O'Briens!

Sam said...

Done and done!

Thanks guys!