Embrace the Suck

41 degrees. Windy. Raining. In other words, the worst weather to be outside in. And my schedule said 12 mile tempo run on Saturday and a 30mi/5mi brick on Sunday. Since you don't get to pick your race weather, on weekends like this, you just have to embrace the suck.

I'd really like to PR at Rock the Parkway 1/2 marathon and I haven't raced a 1/2 in 2 years. This weekend was supposed to be my gauge for how fast I should go out. Not ideal conditions at all, but even so I average 8:33/mi. Based on that pace, I think I'm going to shoot for a 1:50, which would be a PR by over 6 minutes. Bad day, good run, and a confidence boost to have done it in rainy, cold, and windy weather. Embrace the suck.

Then Sunday I geared up and rode 31 miles around Shawnee Mission Park since NOLA is about a month away and I need to get as much outdoor riding in as possible. It rained the first hour, but cleared off after that. But it was windier than on Saturday and into the wind, I had to down shift on some of the DOWN hills. Ugh. My pace was embarrassingly slow, but on tired legs and in bad weather, that is all I had. JB met me for 4.5 miles afterwards, which was awesome because it was so crappy out, if she hadn't met me I probably would have bagged the run. First brick of the year is finally done. Embrace the suck.

My next brick is Thursday, my next ride is Wednesday, and both days are supposed to be gorgeous! While training in crappy weather may be good for a mental edge, I'll take 60 and sunny over 40 and rainy any day of the week.


Christi said...

I had a crappy ride also. I had the privelage of riding in a nice snow shower. I say shower because it was more like a rain storm than a winter storm. I was cold and decided not to be a hard ass next time. Embrace the suck!

Sam said...

Snow showers definitely qualifies as suck! But it is a good feeling to know you did it. I wuss out much sooner on the bike, but I'll run through almost anything.