Roasted veggie pesto with whole wheat pasta! What a reward for a hill workout with KT. (Hubby's response to dinner: Where's the meat?)

We put down 5 miles of hills around SMP this afternoon in just a tick over 40 minutes. Not too shabby! My vampire strategy of sucking her speed seems to be working! Don't worry, she has speed to spare. The funny part was that after the run, we both needed to urgently find a restroom. You know a good friend when you make urgent potty calls together! Ha! Any true runner would understand, hence, runners make the best friends.

I bought some plane tickets to head up to WI to do a triathlon with a friend from high school at the end of September. She did her first tri a month or so ago and did her second a week ago. I think she's bitten by the bug! I'm so excited that she has fallen in love with it. She didn't believe me that doing something that HARD can actually be FUN. We've talked more in the last few months than we have in the last few years. I love that we've been able to reconnect over triathlons.

The race is just a little sprint, so I'm doing minimal training since I already have some bike and swim in my Heartland training plan. I haven't decided if I'm taking Thelma (my bike) but I'm leaning toward yes. I'm hoping to convince Ma and Pa to make the trip down from the Village for the race, too. They've never seen me race before.

Runs are going well. I haven't hit 100 miles yet, but after this weekend I will. Friday night is the Psycho Night run (10k), so I'll probably run that, 20 on Saturday, and another 6 or so on Sunday, besides a 30 mile bike with friends. I love it!


Christi said...

Dinner looks awesome! Can you share the recipe?

Good luck at your tri and congrats on converting a friend!!!

Sam said...

This one's easy! I cut up 1 yellow squash, 1 zucchini, and 1.5 red peppers. Tossed in salt, pepper, and oil, spread on a cookie sheet. Roasted at 450 for 15-20 min. Tossed with whole wheat penne pasta (I like the pasta plus) and pesto from a jar. The roasted peppers were awesome!

Samantha said...

YUMMY, thanks Sam!

Hey have fun at your race, and have a good weekend of training!!

Congrats on re-connecting with friend and WELL DONE bringing another one to the dark side. Don't forget to tell her "Welcome to the dark side......We have cookies!" :P