Aw Nuts!

It serves me right, taking a rest day last week and racing instead. I hurt my right quad on Friday and figured it was just a little sore. "A little sore" had turned into the feeling of someone hitting my quad with a hammer every time I go up stairs, climb hills or push big gears on my bike, or do anything that requires pressure on my leg. It ranges from mild discomfort on the stairs to near-stabbing pain when I was trying to climb some big hills. Needless to say, my bike ride tonight was cut short.

This sucks. I have been injury free for well over a year, other than mild tendonitis in my knee which I have under control now. I know I should rest, but I don't want to take time off. I'm really enjoying the building phase and I don't want to lose the speed or endurance I've gained so far. Oh well, to push on would be worse, so I am icing while typing and will probably wrap it later. I've skipped high heels so far this week, and I cut my last 2 workouts short. I guess it's good timing for a recovery week. Hopefully with a few days of RICE, I'll be back at 100% soon.

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