T-minus 48 hours

Less than 48 hours until the 2009 Psycho Wyco. I've been bouncing between excited, nervous, and completely freaking out, but I'm going to blame that on all of the pent-up energy that comes with tapering. I'm going to settle on nervously excited and leave it at that. John did a real number on his ankle a few weeks ago, so I'm not counting on his company but I think the other runners on the course will make up for it.

We can have a drop bag at the main aid station, so roughly every 10 miles. I don't usually run with lots of stuff, but I plan on having some extra food, salt, ibuprofen, and body glide, just in case. And some pre-peeled Clementines, if I don't find anything appetizing at the aid stations.

The latest weather is saying a high of 40, partly sunny and only 10% chance of rain, so the weather looks like it will be darn near perfect. Unfortunately, we've had rain this week and more possible tomorrow, so the course will most likely be sloppy. That may not be the worst thing, especially if it forces me to slow down on the first loop. I'm tempted to run out there tonight to check things out. But so far, everyone has backed out of the Thursday run and I don't want to run solo.

I plan on sleeping a lot tonight and tomorrow and get some serious stretching in. My hips feel off again but I don't want to visit the chiropractor this close to the race. The good thing is they don't bother me when I'm standing, only when sitting. I may try to get into a yoga class tonight. That would probably be the best thing for me.

It's time for me to relax. My next post will be an ultra marathon race report. It sounds weird to even say that.

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Patricio said...

Hey Sam, how are you?
Happy Valentine's!
Hope you had a great race today... can't wait to read your RR.
Love the race logo, I bet the t-shirts are sweet.