The Most Ridiculuous Ticket Ever

While riding through DeSoto, KS last night, I heard sirens. I had ridden farther into town than usual. I typically turn as soon as I get close to town. I looked back and saw a cop car, lights flashing behind me. I figured he was just going around and I kept pedaling. Sirens again. Ok, so I pull over and sure enough, they took my driver's license (ran it for outstanding warrants for good measure) and wrote me a ticket. If you look at a large version of the ticket, you'll see I was "Unlawfully operating an '08 Trek bicycle."
Turns out I was riding on a street where bicycle riding is prohibited. No, I wasn't on the highway, I was on a 2-lane low volume road out in the country where the speed limit is 45 mph. And there were no signs posted from the direction I was riding, only on the way out of town. I was headed back since there's no alternate route anyway.
The best part is that after they issued me the ticket (court date is 8/25) they actually loaded me and my bike up and ran my ass out of town. Hence the back-seat car ride. They dropped me off at the border with the adjacent town, which ironically enough, had a "Share the Road" sign posted on their stretch of the same road!

So my first traffic ticket in the last 10 years is for riding on my damn bicycle. It would be a whole lot funnier if the ticket wasn't $100! My riding buddy thought it was hilarious since we've ridden that road numerous times. Criminal, is my new name in the office.

What can I say, I'm just a badass.


Patricio said...

I just read your post in RW about this and jumped to your blog, I knew you wrote somehting abou tit... I simply can't believe this bull!
Sorry you have to deal with this crap... I mean.. u r doing exercise, no bugging anyone.. and get a freaking tix?? WTF!!!

Cynical Mud Babe said...

OK, I'm sorry about the $100 thing, but I'm laughing my ass off! You are truly badass! I wish the cops in my 'hood had nothing better to do than bust cyclists!