Dirty Shoes

Actually, now that they're dry, they look relatively clean. DH and I did a little over an hour at WyCo this weekend and had a blast. There's an easy way around high temps - run early, just bring lots of water. I'm really looking forward to the Psycho Night Run this Friday. And the spider webs weren't nearly as bad this time. I really love running Fester's Wander, for anyone that might be heading out that way. Complete shelter from the sun, too.
I realized I have less than 3 weeks until my first Olympic distance tri. Yikes. Time to get serious again. Tonight I have 25 miles on the bike scheduled. I think I'm going to head over to Longview Lake and bike the course. I'm planning on hills and I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
I did 2000m in the PV pool last night. I would have done more except I got tired of people with poor pool etiquette. I miss the ISU days with clearly posted rules and lanes categorized by speed. Ah, college. That and I forgot my water bottle, so I quit when I was thirsty. I suppose pool water was an option but I prefer my chlorinated water without sunscreen and deodorant residue. Can't wait for the lake water, nice and warm this time of year!

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Patricio said...

Cool shoes!
You guys didn't have any horse flies this time? Hate those *@&#rs!
What's your goal time for your oly?