Kelly and I have started climbing once again and while I talk about it a lot, I've never had any pictures to share.  It seems like my hands were always too busy for pictures.  This last week, Kelly's beau came along and he just so happens to be an amazing photographer.  So here are some pictures.  If you've never done indoor climbing, I would highly suggest it.  Especially if you're in need of changing things up this winter.
Kelly checking her Figure 8 knot.  Looks good!
Me with an ATC and carabiner, getting ready to belay.

Show off!

I trust this girl with my life.  Literally.

 I hate this blogger interface.  Sorry for the stupid format.

My favorite kind of girl-time.
Hanging out in the bouldering grotto.

On the overhang!

I love the last one because the look on my face is exactly how I was feeling.  This is a 5.9 route the goes up a serious overhang that requires a good about of strength and finesse.  I started it two weeks ago and made it halfway up clean (no cheating).  This week, I couldn't get as far and I couldn't do it clean.  I was frustrated and confused.  I'll try it again this week.

Thanks Jon for the pictures!


Kelly said...

You have THE BEST back! In all honesty...and maybe it's due to the fact that I haven't had much coffee yet...you are the best! Thanks for gettin' me out there girl, you're a great friend!!

Christi said...

That looks like great fun!