New motivation? Or something close to it?

This weekend the coverage from the Ironman World Championship was shown.  I watched the end of the women's race live on the internet and I read all about the men's race so I knew how it ended.  Even though I already knew the ending, I was glued to the TV.  Watching Chrissie Wellington battling back from a serious bike crash and still dominating the women's race was just awesome.  I'm a big fan of Craig Alexander as well (since I did share an elevator with him in Boise) so watching him win back the title was awesome.  John and I watched it together on Sunday morning.

As soon as it was over, I thought "Damn.  Now I want to do one of those again." 


I'm still not quite sure what I want to do.  I'm still throwing around the idea of doing a bike race (or series) this summer since I can train this spring instead of study. 

On Sunday night John and I exchanged gifts.  I opened up wrapping paper to this:

In case you can't read it, John wrote

There was a girl named Sam
who did whatever she could
to go as far as she should,
but unfortunately her crash cast
doubt in her ability to go fast and
that she was a star.  From a dirigible
view a solution to be had that she
better check in the convertible

Aww, what a guy, right?  It takes some serious dedication to work the word 'dirigible' into a poem!  So I went to the garage and looked in the convertible.  Inside I found these babies.  They're Zipp 101 aluminum wheels.

Well, it looks like I'm racing in 2012 for sure, just not sure what kind of race it will be!


Christi said...

What a great way to get a present! Girl, please believe in yourself! I know that we have not met but I know you are a rock star!

Shelley Flones said...

Awwww~~ that is AWESOME!!! Love you guys!!

Kelly said...

SO AWESOME!!! I think I like the poem even more than the tires! That is just so thoughtful...John's in trouble now, we all know what a softie he is...looks like LOT OF HUGS in his future!!!