Crossroads Bootcamp

This summer I bought a Groupon for 12 CrossFit classes for $30 at Crossroads Bootcamp here in KC.  I wanted to wait until after Austin to start since I knew I would be crazy-sore once I started.  So Austin is over and I started my 12 classes.

The first class I did was a bootcamp class.  After months of Austin training, a one hour class on a Saturday morning felt like a cop out for a real workout.  Later that night, I was out with friends wearing high heels.  At some point, I dropped something and squatted down to pick it up.  Except I got down tot he floor and then realized I couldn't' stand back up.  Turns out that the hour long workout wasn't a cop out after all.  Not only was a crazy-sore the next day, I was crazy-stupid sore.  And everything was sore: arms, shoulders, back, abs, quads, hamstrings.  My calves were about the only thing that didn't hurt.

The first class I did was on a Saturday.  I was so sore I couldn't go back to class until Wednesday.  But it was a good sore, the kind that reminds you of muscles you forgot you had.  So Wednesday I went to another class and since I was not paying attention, I signed up for one of the real CrossFit classes instead of bootcamp.  The CrossFit is definitely more intense and focused.  I was sore again, but it was more localized.

I've gone to a few more classes and I really like it.  I know I'm still in good shape from Austin, but I feel strong.  I feel good.  I can see exactly why they make you take 12 classes in 45 days for the Groupon - you're pretty much guaranteed to see results in that amount of time.

My only complaint: the cost of an actual membership.  I think it's about $150/month or $25/class.  I just can't justify that cost when there are so many other activities I like to do.  I looked into a different CrossFit gym in the area and it was even more expensive.  For that kind of money, I could probably get a personal trainer or coach.  We'll see.  I do love the class and I'm sure after my 12 classes I'll be seriously considering a membership, at least through the winter months.

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Christi said...

Congrats on doing something new. I have heard that crossfit classes are expensive. I guess I never expected that.