...just not yet.

Let's see, there's a book review, travel and race report, new race nutrition strategy (success!), my personal food revolution, training plan and training goals, and the list goes on. But I've been swamped and I'm hoping for race pics before getting into a race report. Here's the 30 second version: I read a good book, took an awesome trip for an amazing race, tried new fuel, am changing the way I regularly eat, have a plan, have a goal, and keeping busy! Phew!!

Tonight John and I are cooking for Shelley, Kelly, and Shelley's dad, Gerry. Shelley has her second round of chemo today, so send her your positive thoughts. On the menu: homemade Vegetable Confetti Stew, homemade sour dough bread (with wild yeast John has cultivated), and mixed greens salad. I hear that fresh meals prepared with love are the best way to fight cancer. The point is you'll have to wait a few more days for any real updates.


laurie said...

You tease!! Bet you killed it at the race.

Christi said...

Please wish your friend well from me. I am sending her positive healing vibes right now!

Shelley Flones said...

I'm finally back on the blog wagon and I'm catching up! I just want to thank you for that awesome meal!!! Confetti stew and sourdough bread got it done! I can't say for sure if it's fighting cancer, but I feel great!!! :)