Pink and Done!

This weekend was Kelly's party and it was easy to spot with all the pink-haired people milling around. I had no idea that anyone else went pink. The total raised from Bald for a Cause was $2140 and the total for the whole night was over $4000!

Kelly went first, but went with the super-classy "skullet": male-pattern baldness on top, long hair in back.
There were several people that went bald that night. As promised, I also went under the shears.

I decided to take a unique situation and go with a unique haircut.

That's a pink mohawk! I've had a lot of comments, one high five, and a few random strangers take pictures of me with their cell phone camera.

Later, Kelly shaved it all off.

I love this girl. As if the mohawk didn't already say that.

Shelley (the one with hair) sold her AWESOME granola and for the last month, she donated $3 from every bag and she made over $200! That is a lot of freaking granola!

Then there was this random guy in the bar. He and his family were so moved by all the people with pink and shaved heads that they donated money and he even got a mohawk!

Here's a fairly odd couple. John came straight from a school function, still in his suit.

Here's Kelly attacking, I mean hugging John. Don't let him fool you, he liked it.

Here's the pile of hair at the end of the night. Gives a new meaning to "Locks of Love."

All the bald people at the end of the night.

Kelly helped me finish off the mohawk on Monday. First to go: the long pink locks. This is not my favorite look.

And it's all gone. It's going to take a little getting used to, but at least it doesn't take me as long to get ready as it used to.


Christi said...

I am still so moved by everything that you have done for your friend. That is so awesome!

Shelley Flones said...

I know how much you have on your plate with your test fast approaching and it makes it that much more awe inspiring that you have given so much of yourself. Kelly really is one lucky girl :) And the two of you are the HOTTEST baldies I have ever seen!!

Kelly said...

It's true, I keep reading the blog over and over and don't know how I found such incredible friends! I hope I'm as good of a friend one day! Love ya lady...keep on studying-let me know if you need anything ever!