Tour de BBQ

Genius! Someone decided to combine two of my favorite past times - cycling and BBQ! Last weekend, 11 of us did the 35 mile route in Kansas City's Second Annual Tour de BBQ. Last year, they had about 400 riders, this year they said it was closer to 2,000 and all the proceeds went to the Livestrong Foundation.

It was a little chilly the whole day but fun none the less. John flatted out about 7 miles in, but otherwise it was a fun and relaxed ride. Until...

They ran out of food at the first stop! What started as a ride, turned into a race. We decided it was every man for himself and we all rode with purpose to the second stop. Our whole group passed enough people we made it there in time for food, but the second stop ran out, too! The last stop was our favorite - Oklahoma Joe's - so we rode the last legs even faster.

But Oklahoma Joe's doesn't disappoint and they had plenty of food for everyone. We made our way back to the finish for more food and beer. I think we probably spent as much time in line waiting for food than we did riding, but it was still fun. My strategy for next year: ride the first 10 miles hard to get in front of 80% of the riders and then cruise from there. Clearly these cyclists are serious about their BBQ!

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Christi said...

What a great sounding race! I will have to put in on my list of to-dos!